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Total Control Of Your Project

We are unique in our approach to the remodeling and home-improvement industry. What makes us special is our total control system, managing your project from start to finish. The benefits of total control are beautifully built, cost effective projects finished on time and on budget.

Why is Total Control Necessary?

When the management of this company first entered the home improvement business several decades ago, the operating landscape was entirely different than it is today. Designs were relatively simple and straight-forward,approval from the building department was easy to obtain and quality building materials were readily available at the local lumber yard. If a home required
extensive renovations, a homeowner often times would simply sell and "trade-up." Today, significantly increased home costs, coupled with scarce build-able land,have limited the "trade-up" option.Now,remodeling is often the best option.


Today the competent re-modeler faces a more complex operating environment. Homeowners are far more educated about home design,they want more sophisticated and innovation design and have a vast array of home design choices.

To meet a client's needs, today's re-modeler must be a consummate professional offering superior organization, commitment and follow-through. A typical project demands artful coordination and communication between client, designer/architect and re-modeler. The roles of proper specification and project management are crucial to ensure that the homeowner's expectations are met and each project must comply with the ever expanding requirements of building and zoning codes, community boards and local governmental authorities.


At Handyman's House Remodeling Consultants, we skillfully navigate today's complex remodeling arena for the homeowner. Our  total control system was developed specifically to manage the myriad aspects and challenges involved in completing a successful remodeling project. And because we handle design and work directly with the contractor, the interaction between homeowner,
designer and re modeler is streamlined. The result for the homeowner is a hassle-free remodeling experience. The result is your project built on-time and on-budget.