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Plan your project

This is How Total Control Works For You!


Initial Contact

When you call Handyman's House Remodeling Consultants, one of our design consultants will arrange to meet you at your
home to discuss your future remodeling plans and ideas

Home Visit

Our design consultants will arrive at the appointed time to discuss and analyze your specific remodeling needs and desires. Based
on the conference, design schedules and pricing will be prepared, in incorporating the ideas and needs you discussed. Your design
consultants will help you determine the best solutions for you and your home.

Design Development

Your design consultant will arrange with you to meet at your home to review design concepts and fine-tune them to your
satisfaction. Your design consultant will then guide you through the selection of materials and finishes for your project. Then you
will be introduced to our select General Contractor.


Specification & Estimates Review

When all details have been specified, material quantities and labor costs determined, then your design consultants can prepare a
detailed estimate and specifications for your project. Your design consultant will review the specifications and present you with a
fixed price.

Construction Drawing

Once you have signed an agreement with select general contractor, your design consultants and project manager will visit your
home to verify all dimensions. A full work scope will be prepared, reflecting the design and specifications previously agreed upon.
All technical aspects of building your project are confirmed and incorporated into these documents.

Preliminary Plan Review

When the work scope is complete, your design consultant will guide you in a careful review of the entire project, finalizing design
details and specifications.

Final Plan Rreview

At this meeting the responsibility for your project is officially transferred from the design consultants to the select General
contractor. Your contractor will review the logistical details of the project with you. The final work scope is signed off on and the
project is ready for production.


The production department assumes control. A crew and project manager are assigned specifically to your project by your
contractor. All trades are coordinated with the production team and all materials are ordered and delivered to the site.